Posted by: lisetta | July 31, 2008

Culture Clash

No cooking today. My green vegetables go untouched, passed over for cheese and tomatoes: the quickest and easiest thing I could muster after an anaerobic race day ride (that I taught). While I’m thrilled I’ve actually managed to consistently “push my boundaries” over the past two weeks of training, the change comes with a cost I’m not sure I want to live with. Frequent anaerobic workouts wreak havoc on my appetites, causing me to eat more of the quick and easy replacement calories rather than slow and deliberate calories I’d much rather consume. I feel all off-balance!

Does managing the effects of high intensity training mean reconsidering my approach to food? All signs point me towards adopting a nutritionist view, thinking about the calories in, calories out, considering the micronutrients I need to fuel my body through the tough workouts in order to avoid the spikes in appetite. Doing that would of course require that I do things like write grocery lists and plan meals, which totally clashes with my nonlinear lifestyle. People do it though. I imagine I could too, provided I hired a nutritionist to map it all out for me … and perhaps a coach to ensure I stick with it. 

While I like wading in nutritionist streams now and then, I naturally place a higher value on engaging with food as a cultural currency and a creative outlet. Food = pleasure and metaphor, not a pseudo-scientific aggregation of nutrients defined only for the intellect. A prescribed diet fundamentally opposes my most basic motivations for eating. What’s a gal to do?

Do these views have to be mutually exclusive? I feel like the ant in this pic I snapped in Paris last month.


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