Posted by: lisetta | August 1, 2008

Chance encounters

When I first accompanied Lisa to Zbigniew Chojnacki’s crepe cart down the street from my office, I wasn’t all that interested in buying a crepe, and instead bought a package of Polish cookies for Dave. Today’s visit connected me, instead, to a fellow foodie-artist. I had ordered something he no longer had and sighed in disappointment as if my day were ruined. The guy was really apologetic about it, and suggested that I eat a Nutella crepe instead, on him. He went on to insist that Nutella was made with healthy ingredients and no preservatives, but I told him I was off sweets today, so he then made me a smaller version of the crepe I had first ordered, scraping out what was left of the coconut veggie chicken and insisting that he wouldn’t let me pay for a “lesser” crepe. Savvy business practices, or the soul of an artist? I’d like to believe the latter. 

Connected with another fellow foodie in the park tonight, and got to try lots more new things: black liquorice toffee chews made in England, whitefish salad and shrimp pasta salad from Whole Foods, multigrain crackers, and the most delicious strawberries I’ve tasted since late June. The cherries and carrots were pretty tasty too. How is it that eating in good company heightens the senses?



  1. I hope that my groaning while eating everything didn’t influence you…everything tasted “extra” that night: extra sweet, extra juicy.

    Had a fabulous time, Lisa. Thanks again.

  2. LOL. To my mother, sisters and girlfriends: he is referring to the sweet and juicy organic strawberries that surprised us. Fabulous time = lots of laughter and a joy ride in his convertible (my first time). Just clarifying the foodie talk before my phone starts ringing with questions. 🙂

  3. lol

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