Posted by: lisetta | August 3, 2008

Coconut gelato – of sorts

I skimmed a few recipes on the internet, but was not at all ready to do anything complicated and ended up with a simple solution. I almost feel guilty about how easy it was. With no dairy, I’m not sure I can actually call this a gelato, but what the heck? This past week has been all about taking liberties. 

Coconut-pineapple gelato 

Blend a can of crushed pineapple and a can of coconut milk in a blender. Add desired amount of a simple syrup (made with equal parts of sugar and water brought to boil in the microwave) and chill.

Churn it in your ice cream maker and call it a light and delicious tropical treat. 

The filling for the profiteroles was a perfect ending to the delicious meal that Ann made: tropical broiled shrimp (with mango, lime, cilantro and pineapple) and her signature salad. Another blog entry on food that isn’t Italian. Maybe I’m turning into an American after all?


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