Posted by: lisetta | August 7, 2008

A simple red

While chatting with Ray in the garden yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t eaten a classic red sauce in ages, so I made one tonight. 

A simple red

Sauté vidalia onion in olive oil.

Add whole tomatoes you crush in your hands and cook the sauce down. Use a hand blender to break it up a bit if needed. 

Strip the thyme leaves from their stems, cut up some fresh parsley and basil and add it to the sauce.

Cut up some fresh pasta, cook it and sauté it briefly in the pan with the sauce. Shave parmigiano on it and call it another good day.  

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the guys I see every evening in the parking lot behind my building. Shortly after that day, I began chatting with them as I passed by on my way to and from the gym. Learned that they’re always sitting there before they start their janitorial shifts. Don’t know what this really means since when I return an hour and a half or two later, they’re still sitting there and telling me they’re on their break. Yesterday they were polishing their minivans and playing R&B. Today they’re calling me ‘baby’ and inviting me to stick around and chat with them some more. I told them I would if they provided healthy snacks. LOL.

I have no idea who these guys really are, but totally enjoy greeting them daily.  I learned tonight that another person I’d come to greet frequently has died. I think I only had one brief conversation with the man, but I thought him to be a kind person who was well-liked by all. May he rest in peace; and may his wife of only two years find solace in her friends and family.


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