Posted by: lisetta | August 14, 2008

Cannellini beans with sage

On nights like tonight where I don’t actually get to cook and instead eat whatever’s around (like a tomato cucumber salad fresh from the garden and some labne with zaatar and olive oil), I like to check out TasteSpotting and wonder how these fabulous people learned to take such great pictures. Is it natural talent or learned behavior? How do I acquire the skill? If I look at food porn frequently enough, will it mean that I’ll start to see real food through photographic eyes?  

Cannellini beans with sage doesn’t look appealing, but its taste is fabulous. Trust me. Eaten with brown rice and a tomato basil salad, this simple dish makes for the perfect lunch. It’s fueled me through a week of great workouts. 

Cannellini beans with sage

Soak dried beans in lots of water for several hours or overnight. 

Sauté chopped vidalia onion and whole sage leaves in olive oil. Add the drained beans to the onion, cover with broth or water, and pressure cook until done. Season with salt and pepper. 

I first recall eating white beans with sage while travelling in Tuscany way way back. Giuseppe’s mom did a version of white beans with sage as well. Mine evoke neither vivid memories nor particular pleasure, but they’ve fueled my afternoons and Spin rides perfectly. 

Got a bad case of wanderlust tonight. Wish it would go away and allow me to focus on the here and now.


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