Posted by: lisetta | August 15, 2008

Hello, French Pastries

Went to Le Bec Fin for a dessert dinner tonight.  Have wanted to check out that restaurant since landing in Philly, so was glad the opportunity came up. They come around with this fabulous dessert cart, and give you as much as you want! Click on the link and check out the pictures.

We literally got a sampler of everything on it. The lemon tart was my ‘favorite’ … and so was one of the flourless chocolate tarts … and the coconut mousse  something or other … and the simple fruit tart with almond cream … and the chocolate mousse thing with the hazelnuts. The pineapple chunks in lemongrass syrup were tasty as well. Reminded me of the rosemary pineapple crepes I had at the foodie picnic in DC last year. 

 Sugar has no lasting value to the mind or body, even if it’s dressed up in fancy clothes. The sugar buzz, as you can imagine, was pretty intense.  I was overwhelmed. Still am. Can’t even frame my experience into something coherent here. 

Do know this, however: the strawberries didn’t move me as much as those I ate with Dave a few weeks ago while sitting barefoot on beach chairs in a park. Context is everything, I suppose.



  1. Gorgeous. What’s this about they give you as much as you want?

  2. They have a dessert cart that they wheel around to your table. You can choose one thing, or everything. Trying everything, as we did, is sensory overload, IMHO. While all were well-done, of course, none stood out as something I’d make the effort to get again. Nothing about the place engaged my spirit; I’d only go back as an ethnographer. 🙂

  3. Since we’re on the topic of dessert–are there any good dessert places (besides Capogiro, of course) that you know of? When I lived in SF, there was a small chain called Just Desserts, and I remember there used to be a place a long time ago in Manayunk, and I think one in Chestnut Hill. I know the Pink Rose Pastry Shop (not my favorite), and Naked Chocolate. Shouldn’t there be a nice cake shop?

  4. Yes! Didn’t some renowned cupcake shop recently open near Rittenhouse? I’ve found tasty treats at Miel Patisserie, the Restaurant School (for chocolate mousse) and Whole Foods. I agree that the Pink Rose is overrated. Did you know that Naked Chocolate is coming to 34th and Chestnut?

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