Posted by: lisetta | August 18, 2008

Interesting Twists

Nadia’s replacement arrived to start working with us today, so we went to Penne for lunch. We both ordered black sesame linguine with julienned carrots, shrimp, a scallop and light ginger sauce. What a creative combo: cooked well, with not too much sauce, as usual. Great pasta at lunch means another no-cook dinner with garden vegetables, but hope to cook tomorrow! 

Coincidentally, Nadia wrote in that she’s outed my blog and my identity to the chef at L’Oca, her neighborhood Italian place. She raves about the Northern Italian cooking there.  A quick glance at the menu proves intriguing, largely because it is both unique and creative, filled with fresh twists on many of my existing faves like fresh anchovies, pappardelle, trofie, and gnocchi alla romana. Unlike many Italian menus I pass by, lots piques my interest here. How could I choose from the salads when they all look so good? Would I get fresh anchovies, or bagna cauda served with meats?? Hmmm. Saffron spaghetti with prosciutto, scallops and wild mushrooms?? Am very curious to learn how they execute this, as I can’t imagine the flavors blending.

Perhaps the admin savant is on to something here. Looks like I’ll soon be heading over to her neighborhood for a meal. Stay tuned….


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