Posted by: lisetta | August 23, 2008

Pizza Photography

Hanging out with artist/photographer types fascinates me. They point and shoot with such nonchalance, capturing moments in ways that redefine your experience.

The boundary between sense and perception is one I like walking, and sharing. It always amazes me to discover how we all experience our lives so uniquely. 

Though visually appealing, the margherita pizza at The Couch Tomato in Manayunk lacked je ne sais quoi. Crust was crispy and basil was fresh, but tomatoes were waxy and the “homemade buffalo mozzarella” flavorless. Too bad. The Sgt. Pepper’s Chicken on whole wheat crust, on the other hand, was really tasty, and so was the Mediterranean salad, so I could see myself going back someday.

Rode by the place on my solo bike ride early this morning, thinking about how it is that you can enjoy the idea of going back while knowing deep down inside that you probably won’t. Discovering the place’s health violations seals the deal.  

Never got around to rethinking the ‘6 words to describe my food life’. Have several sixers for my day though:

I rode 81 km this morning.

Pappardelle fresche with basil promotes recovery.

Arabic calligraphy speaks to my spirit.

Still hoping he’ll call me sometime. 

David Griffin: Photography connects us with the world (Click this. Really.)


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