Posted by: lisetta | August 24, 2008

Downtown diary

Wandered aimlessly in Center City with Jennifer and Chris this afternoon. Entered more shops in one day than I’ve been in the past several months, trying to understand this shopping thing that so many people seem to love.

Enjoyed watching how excited Jennifer got at Sephora, a store that I had not only never heard of, but also became quite overwhelmed in. Thankfully found some little plastic beads I could play with to center the sensory overload, and felt first-hand how non-foodies might view Wegmans. I can’t get excited about thirty shades of lip gloss, but appreciate its use as a vehicle for creative expression. We all know I’d rather drive a grocery cart. 

Here’s what attracted my attention this afternoon.

















Fico nero gelato. Mmmm. My apologies to a certain someone; please know my offer still stands.

It seems that travelling to Italy is as easy as taking a bus downtown. Who is buying all these treats and how/when can I join their picnic?



  1. PIAVE !!! I think you introduced me to that cheese. Wow, haven’t had that in ages.

  2. Me either! I didn’t even buy any! Are you back on the East coast yet? If so, high tail it over to Philly and we’ll make some pasta. I’ve been too lazy to make it by hand lately. Need a muse. 🙂

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