Posted by: lisetta | September 3, 2008


In the NYTimes today, Op-Ed contributor Edward Dolnick writes an interesting piece about “the art of the con”, supporting the claim that:

When it comes to food, we all think of ourselves as experts. But we taste with both our tongues and our minds, and it’s easy to lead minds astray.

While I’ve known several people who appear to taste only with their tongues, I can’t help but think that tasting without your mind has gotta be half the fun, especially when you consider the anticipatory pleasure … even if it fails to find fruition. 

Take last night’s impromptu dinner at Zocalo, for example. After swinging by the Neighborhood to Neighborhood Street Festival and seeing the most lovely Chaka Khan perform, we decided that margaritas and guacamole would be a better match for our mood. BIG disappointment that the place had none of their ‘award winning guacamole’. Even bigger disappointment was everything else we tried. Pazienza!

Have been eating so simply at home, there’s not much to write about: fresh tomato and basil, this time over fresh bucatini. Summer’s last hurrah. Maybe it’s time  for me to try out the saffron spaghetti at L’Oca? Stay tuned for the review.

In the meantime, why not watch some communicative trickery with Einstein the African Grey on TED?


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