Posted by: lisetta | September 9, 2008

ScracK griss

Sometimes people give me food and I get to try things I’d never think of buying myself. Ann brought me these months ago; I ate them, squirreled away the packaging for this blog post, and can no longer recall at all what they tasted like.  Ha ha. So much for strategy. 

Panealba, the company that makes these snacks, doesn’t mention Scrack on its website, but Lauren Ambrose over at The Healthy Snacks Blog writes that they do indeed taste like pizza. Check out her post to read more about its nutritional value as well. 

For now, I find it far more interesting that the ingredients are listed in 18 languages! While living in Italy twenty years ago, I remember thinking how lucky I was to be in what I called the linguistic playground, naively juggling French and Italian balls in an effort to decipher the Piemontese dialect spoken in post-choir rehearsal socializing in Almese, a small town of a few thousand people about 30 KM west of Torino. “My” choir, Coro Polifonico Mater Ecclesiae, has a website now … and it even includes an English version! 

While I managed to learn very little Piemontese in my days there, I did master the one phrase the Piemontesi used to ‘test’ the foreigners: dui puvrun bagnà ‘ntlòli (meaning: two peppers in oil). If one could pronounce the phrase with a Piemontese accent, s/he was accepted into the community. With a gift for phonetics and a passion for food, I had no problem. Neither does the Piemontese-speaking visitor in the following video. Listen to the end and you can hear the phrase too. 

Ciapa puer! I can no longer imagine my life without the internet.


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