Posted by: lisetta | September 12, 2008


Made with grain alcohol, lemons, sugar and water, limoncello packs a punch in the most palatable of ways. Just about everyone can make their own, and it keeps forever in the freezer. Served ice cold after a great meal, it’s one of the only digestivi almost everyone can enjoy.

Got home from dinner tonight and poured myself a shot of the Villa Massa limoncello that’s been hanging out in my freezer for far too long!  I needed a sunny taste of Italy to counterbalance the effects of the darkness I let enter my world this evening. Around since 1991, Villa Massa follows a family recipe dating from 1890, using only IGP lemons of Sorrento. 

Sipping limoncello brings back lots of fond memories. In Pittsburgh, I used to go through the stuff quickly, serving it to dinner guests several times per week. Sigh.  At Cucina Flegrea, an Italian BYOB in Pittsburgh, Antonio would share his homemade limoncello with us after others had left, and we’d kick back and talk about life as if it were the least complicated topic around. 

I’m really not sure why these types of moments remain so difficult to create here in Philadelphia, but I have been sorely missing them lately. Struck by melancholy, I’ve been growing impatient with the process of change, wishing it could be as simple as slipping on some new shoes. If it’s raining tomorrow morning, I think I’ll head out to Nordstrom’s and buy myself my new favorites.


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