Posted by: lisetta | September 14, 2008


One of the only certainties in life is that change will happen, in good times and bad, whether we want it to or not.  While cycling yesterday, I noticed two changes that exited me: my baseline pace has picked up to 30km/hr (18.5 mph) and I felt no loneliness riding solo. Could go faster and longer drafting, for sure, but was genuinely happy with my performance on a true race day ride: two hours of bliss, at 4.7/5 on my HRM. Just what I needed. Who knew I had gotten so strong? Maybe next year my heart will consider this pace to be a warm up. 

An unwelcomed change is the disappearance of my appetite. I’ve neither cooked anything of note nor gone grocery shopping this weekend. Curious. Was it the high intensity training? Am I falling in love? Or is it simply that too many of my female friends have been ranting about Sarah Palin this weekend? 

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary’s only on my iPod. I photographed Giotto at the Louvre in June (sans flash, of course), though. This has always been one of my favorite panels:



  1. Maybe you are falling in love with high intensity training and have a girl crush on Sarah Palin? I hope one of these is short lived…for your sake and for the sake of humanity.

  2. Che ridere! I only get crushes on people who are super smart. Maybe it was the terrible food I ate at Jack’s Firehouse Friday night when my girlfriends and I got turned away from L’Oca? Eating bad food is so disturbing to me that it takes several days to recover.

    I do love high intensity training when I perform well. It’s a total rush. Signed up for yoga last week for counterbalance. Am hoping it stretches my thoughts as well, getting me out of my small mind.

  3. Ha, a crush on Sarah Palin. You got turned away from L’Oca?

  4. Turns out L’Oca is quite the hot spot on weekends. I was so glad to see that it has a fan base. My dream for the Italian scene here would be lots more like L’Oca … with more vegetarian options, of course! They take reservations on weekends — smart move to attract those admirable souls who actually succeed in planning ahead. 🙂

  5. Every smart woman I know has ranted about Palin. No brains = no attraction … only wish more folks had the critical analysis skills to see right through the fluff.

  6. Give me Fluff! Fluffy Fluffy Fluff and stuff! And since when do we expect our political leaders to have brains? Since when has this been a prerequisite? Maybe Fluff is way to go? New Campaign slogan for McCain: “When you’re tired of all of the stuff, pull the lever for FLUFF!!”

    Paid for by the friends of John McCain and his ultra conservative right-wing constituents.

    And while I’m at it (and I DO realize this is a food blog…my bad) what has been so conservative about Bush? We have the BIGGEST government we’ve seen since, since…ok, we’ve never seen a government this big before. Aren’t conservatives suppose to be good at CONSERVING? You know, things like money and fluff and stuff?

    Ok. I’m done. Sipping a wonderful 2006 Italian Chianti. Messere by Baroncini. Leathery. Dark cherries. Acidic. Wonderful nose!! Dry. YUM!

    There. I added something food related.

  7. Ha ha ha… Are you drinking that wine *without* food? Forget the chiantis — head north to Piemontese reds. 🙂

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