Posted by: lisetta | September 16, 2008


Came across this contraption while browsing the Williams Sonoma site the other day: 

What fun could it be to make a frittata without the thrill of the flip? More importantly, how could the frittata cook evenly when the cold pan you flip it into has been sitting on the kitchen counter? I bet this shortcut sells well to the unseasoned cook. 

Though I find the slope of the mandoline seductive, would buying one also be a shortcut? I mean, I’ve neither gotten cheap thrills nor lasting enjoyment from slicing and dicing. Still, I do it just about every day, choosing to chop by hand over the pulsing whirl of a food processor (even though I’ve collected three sizes over the years), believing that I’m inching my way towards better knifing skills, one onion at a time. Am I really making progress? More importantly: is the goal I’m working towards merely illusory?


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