Posted by: lisetta | October 9, 2008

Sprouted wheat pasta

Way back in April, I wrote about how much I enjoyed Safeway Organics whole wheat penne pasta. Shortly afterwards, I bought a bag of Trader Joe’s Organic sprouted wheat pappardelle, figuring I’d explore the whole new world with summer vegetables. Well, I only opened the bag tonight. In all the years that I’ve been trying new things at Trader Joe’s, this is the first time I’ve ever actually considered taking them up on their money back guarantee.

Suspicions began right when I had “buttato” the pasta into the boiling salty water. It retained its folded shape for quite some time, seemingly impervious to the water surrounding it. As it began cooking, it let off a sour steam. Once cooked, its texture was grainy and its form broken into shorter “pappardelline corte”.

My original plan to savor its supposedly nutty flavor with a simple burro e parmigiano failed, but I thought I could render it edible by microzesting some of my favorite cheeses into it, turning it into a quattro formaggi. Even with piave, zamorano and granda padano, it failed to please. Then I figured I could add a few chopped grape tomatoes and some of the summer’s last fresh basil … alas, it remained inedible. At that point I gave up, knowing there was nothing more I could do to save it. Pazienza!

Sometimes you just have to recognize that you’ve made a bad choice and move on. I’d like to believe that I have the tenacity to simply try it again with a heartier sauce, but I have no motivation to hang on. Though my intellect recognizes the nutritional benefits – 11 grams of protein in two ounces and a lower glycemic load – if my heart isn’t in it, what’s the point? I’ll take the rest of the bag in to work tomorrow and offer it up to the vegetarians who’ve likely convinced themselves that this stuff is actually worth eating.



  1. Are you my sister?????? I didn’t understand half of your article! LOL!!!!!! Guess what?? I made lasagna this week and mom actually liked it!!!! Who’d have guessed?? I used jar sauce and added garlic, whole wheat noodles and lots and lots of cheese! 🙂 It was great seeing you last week! As I read your blog after you returned I actually got excited to think you would reconsider living in Pittsburgh! Then I continued on and read differently 😦 So sad! Have a great weekend! Tim has homecoming tomorrow, I’ll send some pictures!

  2. You should try making lasagna *without* tons of cheese sometime. If you use a high quality noodle (I’ll bring you some), you won’t miss the cheese. Really. Your kids might think differently, though!

    OF COURSE I would reconsider living in Pittsburgh. For the right job and the right man I’d move anywhere … as long as I could get Italian ingredients, that is. 🙂

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