Posted by: lisetta | October 10, 2008

Midnight pesto with trofie

Though I’ve had several basil harvests from my garden this year, the batch I plucked and washed late last night was the first that made it all the way into pesto. Contrary to the traditional recipes, I make pesto with basil, salt, olive oil and roasted pine nuts, leaving out the garlic. I add zested parmigiano just before eating it. 

What better to eat pesto with than trofie, the little hand-rolled twists typical in Liguria? I bought these trofie at Ingredient, a gourmet specialty shop in Manayunk, thinking I could serve them on a special occasion. Turns out the special occasion tonight is simply the end of an engaging workweek … and the gratitude that someone at work actually did take those terrible sprouted wheat pappardelle I left on the kitchen table.  🙂

Though the trofie shape is from the Riviera, the pasta was actually made in Campania, a region where other great pasta (like Gragnano and Setaro) is produced. Maestri Pastai uses durum wheat, which has a higher protein and gluten content than other varieties, and bronze dies, which assure a more porous surface of the pasta. 

The synergy of texture and flavor in this dish inspire hope. Don’t ask me why or how; just trust in the traditions that precede your experience.



  1. Where is the garden? Did you move to a different place? What what ?

  2. I’m in the same apartment (can you believe it?); we have our own community garden spaces in a private park behind the building. We even have ducks! When you come to visit, I’ll show you around. If it’s soon, I’ll share some herbs. 🙂

    Martin! You were in Pittsburgh LAST weekend? While I was running around the city eating lots of great food and seeing friends????? Welcome back to the East Coast! Yeah!! Can’t wait to see you/catch up!

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