Posted by: lisetta | October 12, 2008

Sunday dinner, family style

Got a double dose of “family” life today, with women at a friend’s place in the suburbs (where there are way too many scary McCain/Palin yard signs) and with the guys at my now-favorite Italian place. Ate pumpkin pie and hot chocolate for lunch, followed by an interesting dinner of “leftovers”. 

The leftovers include strozzapreti al forno, baked with cheese and braised veal short ribs (cooked in white balsamic and tomato) and some sort of spaghetti in a butter herb ‘sauce’.  Not pictured were the spicy guacamole, fennel and green salad, chicken, eggs and polenta taragna.

While the food that was otherwise headed for the trash was delicious, the real satisfaction tonight came from the simpler pleasures of sitting down to eat at a full table and conversing about the mundane. Arturo is headed back home in a month to begin university studies; Maurizio is recovering from a dooring accident on his bicycle; Carlo is seeking a city planning job … The temporal engagement in others’ lives brings some sort of comfort to my own – in ways I neither need nor seek to understand.

Another pleasure was learning how to make pasta frolla, a kind of shortbread crust! I’ve promised not to share the recipe ‘publicly’, but I am looking forward to testing it out this weekend.


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