Posted by: lisetta | October 13, 2008

Panettone bread pudding

The perks to going out to eat with a foodie chef: my amateur critiques launch fascinating conversations (as opposed to horrified stares or half-hearted smiles) and other owner/chefs always come out to join the conversation. These bring a whole new layer of meaning to the dining experience. 

Tonight at Nan, a favorite of longtime UC residents, neither of us was particularly impressed with the food. The arugula and goat cheese salad was pleasant enough, but both the pheasant and the duck were overcooked and dry. The dessert, however, which we ordered only so that we could finish the bottle of barbera, was incredibly delicious!

The pudding both featured the signature flavors of candied fruits and the light texture of a smooth flan. Why would a place that bills itself Thai-French fusion put panettone, an Italian specialty, on the dessert menu? We were too busy complimenting the pastry chef to ask any questions of substance.

Though the dessert is definitely worth another try and the history of the place is admittedly intriguing, little else would attract us back. Our $40+ per person for two entrees, a shared dessert and a shared salad will more likely be spent the next time across the way, where the pink neon glow of Distrito promises more stimulation — of both the palate and the mind.


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