Posted by: lisetta | October 14, 2008

Veal and polenta

Began cooking this meal Sunday eve, but life drew me away from the kitchen until tonight. It’s all for the best; stews are always better the next days, right?

I joke that I only know how to cook meat three ways; this is my favorite default technique, mostly because it uses lots of wine and requires no particular cooking talent or attention.  

Dredge the meat in seasoned flour, brown it in oil and butter, remove it, saute some vegetables with herbs and tomatoes in the same pan, return the meat to the pan and add lots of wine and/or broth and cook for as long as you can stand. The process yields interesting flavors every time. 

Luca’s been joking with me about my inability to remember to add salt in the various stages of ‘cottura’, so this time around, I added both salt and white balsamic vinegar as it simmered away. The results are good, but I’m starting to yearn for some new techniques. Am getting bored with my own food. Pazienza!

Got some good news today that Carla e Alberto may be coming stateside for Thanksgiving week! How exciting! I wonder where we should go to eat…L’Oca, Distrito, Lolita, Chloe? Maybe a dinner party at my place? Anyone have any tips?


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