Posted by: lisetta | October 15, 2008

Spaghetti squash

I used to like this stuff. What am I going to do with the remaining three quarters of the one I bought at the farm? And what am I going to take for lunch tomorrow?  

Like the sprouted wheat pappardelle of last week, spaghetti squash becomes yet another rejection. Oh dear. Being bored with my own cooking techniques is one thing, but actually refusing to eat what I’ve made myself raises the maximizing to a whole new (unhealthy) level.  

Seems nothing is arousing my senses these days. Have I reached the outer limits of happiness? Will something appear to arouse my waning appetite?

Does anyone out there know what I can do with the remaining squash? I don’t think it’d make for a tasty ravioli filling.



  1. funny you shoud refer to spaghetti squash..I have five in the garage for the winter! They are only $1.85, for any size, at the farm. So of course I bought the biggest six i could! (We ate one) I’ve tried various preps, but I prefer butter and cheese than any other way. It lets the flavor of the squash come through, and what doesn’t taste better with butter and cheese! I did buy parmesan in a triange, and use my zester the way you suggested. It does melt nicely. I would also throw some leftover into minestrone. yumm!

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