Posted by: lisetta | October 16, 2008

Tortellini in brodo

In an ideal world, I’d have boiled chickens, carrots, celery, onions and herbs to make my own chicken broth. I’d have rolled out paper thin homemade pasta and filled it with a flavorful mix of meats and more herbs, or savory chard and cheese. I’d have shared my ‘artwork’ with a loving companion. 

Reality: not enough color, or broth!

In the fragmented world I live in, I opened a box of chicken broth, poured it into a pan and brought it to a boil, adding frozen artichoke tortellini and some peas: a scandalous admission for a self-proclaimed foodie, don’t you think? Ten minutes later, I sat on my couch with a warm bowl of pasta garnished with shaved grana padano, reading about weekend cultural events I could be doing if I had managed to think ahead, and wondering just how it can be that a simple moment of solitude can swiftly turn into a deep sense of isolation and sadness. Emotions are unpredictable that way … but I’ve noticed that darkness rarely enters when the food is fabulous! LOL. 

At work these days I’ve been collecting and synthesizing large sets of data, searching for an optimal solution that I know doesn’t really exist. In the dating world, I’ve been meeting perfectly kind men, yet wishing that they held more “European” values or that they focused more on health and fitness – and more importantly, that they were truly available for a relationship! At the dinner table, I’ve been eating mediocre meals, imagining tastier variations. Even in my yoga class, I found myself wishing we were doing less shoulder/upper body work and focusing more on areas all cyclists would prefer to target: the legs and hips. Sigh. 

Imagining the “ideal” while experiencing the present represents a serious disconnect, don’t you think?Aren’t “ideal” solutions merely illusory figments of our minds?


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