Posted by: lisetta | October 18, 2008

Torta Caprese

Dessert choice this morning is governed not by the overwhelming poll results (6 votes, LOL), or a verbal promise made months ago (“I’ll make you tiramisu”), but rather by what was in my pantry this morning (eggs, almonds, chocolate and butter). While my vote was cast for tiramisu, I had no chance to get to the store this week to buy some mascarpone, and you have to make it a day in advance. Pazienza!

After some internet surfing, I went (pretty much) with the recipe from Bon Appetit, May 2002, which you can read here. I only had about 6 oz. chocolate, used toasted instead of blanched slivered almonds, forgot the lemon peel and added half a teaspoon of vanilla. The results were good, but the cake is way too sweet for my tastes. Next time I’ll use less than the suggested cup of sugar and substitute orange zest for the absent lemon, hazelnuts for the almonds and Frangelico for the extract. Must call it something else too, of course. 

Will write about the moscato, rabbit, appetizers and more soon….


  1. […] dish at one of my dinner parties back in Pittsburgh. Hmm. Given the choice today, I much prefer torta caprese, the chocolate version of almond […]

  2. […] already written about torta caprese, though. Way back in 2008. But this time around I’m a bit more curious about how it’s made. I mean, it’s […]

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