Posted by: lisetta | October 22, 2008


Who wouldn’t love grilled vegetables, especially when they include grilled fennel and radicchio? Dipping them in bagna cauda made them all the more tasty. Last time I tasted Luca’s bagna cauda, I thought the bitter garlic overpowered its other flavors. This time around it was just right. 

So, what is bagna cauda, you wonder? A traditional sauce from Piemonte containing anchovies, garlic, olive oil, butter and cream (optional). It’s typically served hot, often in what looks like a potpourri burner, with a candle underneath to help keep the temperature. It’s really delicious (and not photographed)! I first remember having in Italy (of course), served under a vegetable flan. 

Good to know that I can eat garlic with pleasure after all. It had been a long time since I enjoyed it, mostly because few chefs really know how to balance it with other flavors. Balance, I imagine, is the key to any a reversal of position. Perhaps my attempts at the plow and shoulder stands this evening affected much more than my muscles.


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