Posted by: lisetta | October 29, 2008

Tria wine class

Have wanted to take one of the wine classes at Tria for about a year now, but just got into my first one tonight. Led by John McNulty of Viva Vino Imports, the 90-minute class took us through 8 types of Italian wines, moving from the light and fruity to the full and dry, across both whites and reds. Here’s what we had (wine, producer, year, place):

Prosecco Brut, Conte Mangesa, NV (Veneto)

Rieling/Trebbiano “Il Bianco di Ciccio”, Cantina Zaccagnini, ’07 (Abruzzo)

Pinot Grigio “ppsos”, Villa D’arna, ’06 (Friuli)

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Ikebana”, Cantina Zaccagnini, ’07 (Abruzzo)

Chianti Classico, Tenute Toscane, ’04 (Tuscany)

Rosso di Montalcino, Mastrojanni, ’00 (Montalcino)

Nebbiolo/Barbera “Acanzio”, Molino, ’94 (Piemonte)

Amarone “Vigneti di Jaco”, Casetta, ’05 (Valpolicella)

On the small cheese plate next to the wines, most noteworthy was the La Tur, from Piemonte (hooray!), made with goat, sheep and cow’s milk. It was served with a small spoon of honey.

What did I learn in the class?

  • The “best” Italian whites are from Alto Adige or Friuli. 
  • Barbera is the “pinot noir” of Italy. 
  • The ‘brunello’ name was created by the Banfi family. 
  • Amarone is made with the corvino grape.
  • Fellow Spin instructor Ed is also a fellow foodie and works at Tria on the side. He knows Luca.  

Don’t know exactly what I was thinking this class was going to be, but sipping 8 types of wine in 90 minutes without eating is a stupid proposition for wine lightweights. By the time we reached the wines I really enjoyed (the nebbiolo and amarone), I was out of cheese and patience, wishing I had both eaten something before the class and had dinner plans after. Instead, I walked over to that new brick oven pizzeria on Chestnut (Mix), where, in desperation, I ate a terrible piece of broccoli-tomato pizza. Sigh. At least I ate well at lunch.


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