Posted by: lisetta | November 11, 2008

Guest blogger: Carlo’s mom

Just in — after a year and a half into this blog ‘experiement’, a post from another soul who “gets it”: Carlo.

Today I was missing so very much my mom and her sweetness …so I thought let’s make her Crema that reminds me all happy days I had, and I hope I will have, in my life.

Here the recipe , in Italian of course because she does not speak Italian and this Crema is just her!

Crema Mamma Carlo:

5 tuorli uova piccole o 4 tuorli uova grandi (5 medium egg yolks or 4 large yolks)
5 cucchiai di farina (5 TBSP flour)
5 cucchiai di zucchero (5 TBSP of sugar)
1 l di latte (1 liter of milk)
una scorza di limone (metà) (lemon peel from half a lemon)


Unisci lo zucchero ai tuorli fino a che il composto non diventa bianco. Aggiungi tutta la farina e mescola sempre. Riscalda il latte (non deve essere molto caldo) e versalo piano nel composto mescolando a fiamma bassa fino a prima dell’ ebollizione.

Lisetta’s translated version:

Mix the egg yolks and sugar until the ixture becomes pale yellow. Add all of the flour whole stirring. Warm the milk slightly and add it to the egg yolk mixture, stirring constantly. Cook the mixture on a low flame until it almost boils. Remove from heat and let cool. 

This is an interesting crema — kind of like a custardy besciamella (no offense!). I liked this as a filling for a few pizzelle, but can imagine it anywhere a custard could appear.


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