Posted by: lisetta | November 27, 2008


Everything about Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day parade was a surprise. Not because anything was particularly interesting, but just because it was all new. Unable to answer any of Alberto’s questions about the traditions, history or meaning of the parade, I added more of my own,

  • “Why is there a giant blow up raggedy ann doll?”
  • “Is that a football player, or a fireman?”
  • “Why don’t the guards let a few non-ticket holders in to the empty bleachers?”
  • “What the hell does Santa Claus have to do with Thanksgiving?”
  • “Where did people get the Ikea bags/balloons?”

In all, it was as much of a cross-cultural experience for me as it was for my Italian guests. As the parade ended, we went over to some tents and found Campbell’s giving out free samples of their products. We couldn’t resist tasting the SpaghettiOs®. Just as the promotion promises, I remember loving them as a child. Today they taste familiar, both sweet and tinny, totally devoid of texture or pleasure of any sort.  




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