Posted by: lisetta | December 5, 2008

Fettuccine with chestnut parmesan

Was treated to lunch at Penne today and had another interesting pasta dish: whole wheat fettuccine with a chestnut parmesan sauce that contained bits of radicchio, pancetta and small cubes of cooked apple. Surprisingly subtle flavors, served with a sprinking of parsley and parmigiano. 

I think I’ll try a version of this at home sometime. I’d have liked the tart, bitter and smoky flavors of the apple, radiccio and pancetta to come through. Am not sure how to best accomplish this; perhaps by simply adding more of them to the pasta? Wouldn’t want it to turn into what some Italians might call an ‘insalata di pasta’.  🙂

It’s good to know that no matter how cynical I become, I can always find inspiration in a new pasta dish.



  1. How amazing as I catch glipses of snpw out my window
    they are cascading across my screen. I hope that is normal.

  2. I added the snow tonight. Saw the “extra” on WordPress and thought it was appropriate. It’ll be snowing throughout the holiday season. Enjoy!

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