Posted by: lisetta | December 10, 2008

Gli uomini italiani

I had the fortune to eat an impromptu dinner tonight with three handsome Italian friends: two silver, one gold. We went to Plaza Garibaldi for Mexican food. I took a picture of them on my new Blackberry but have no idea how to upload it here. Maybe one day.

After a summer of rejecting platonic friendships with men, I found myself exactly where I claimed I’d no longer wanted to be: entertaining their “male” comments, yet rejecting outright many of their so-called truths … men like “bitchy” women, women need to control their men, or women like their men to be jealous. While it’s always been interesting for me to be the friend whom men let their guard down with, at some level I really don’t want to have this level of “insight”. LOL. Makes me think I’ll never actually find another LTR! 

At midnight I realized I didn’t wish my best girlfriend Kim happy birthday tonight. We’ve known each other since 4th grade, so I hope she’ll forgive me. 🙂


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