Posted by: lisetta | December 11, 2008

La Nostalgia

Got a double dose of nostalgia tonight, both for my former social and cooking lives. While working at Carnegie Mellon, I’d often see friends on campus and invite them over for an impromptu dinner at my place. People seemed to be a lot more *available* back then. Go figure. 

At some point his afternoon, I found myself wondering whether Gian Luca had dinner plans with his business associates, so I extended an invitation to come over for some pasta. When he accepted, I realized I really had nothing to make a pasta sauce with, so I opted for a risotto instead. Made simply with shallots, sage and parmigiano (and carnaroli rice, of course), it was absolutely perfect. Honestly. It surprised me! Gian Luca agreed (he usually thinks I put too much wine in my risottos). 


For our secondo, I made something Verónica taught me more than a decade ago, and something I haven’t made since living in Philadelphia for sure:  chicken leg quarters cooked in beer (with onions and potatoes). Plenty of entertaining in my past life meant beer in the fridge, so this was always an easy dish to cook for impromptu events. Luca’s bottle of Negro Modelo made for quite the tasty ‘sugo’. 

Contorno was a simple insalata di carote, and we had panettone for dessert. It was so relaxing to focus on cooking and socializing tonight. Though I still do enjoy this blog experiment, hanging out in the face-to-face world brings far more satisfaction. Wish I knew more people who were actually available for impromptu meals.


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