Posted by: lisetta | December 12, 2008

Gianduja di Gobino

Image grabbed from Gobino's website:


Guido Gobino’s website says that the “Modern Art” tavoletta di gianduja retains its “caratteristiche organolettiche” for 12 months, provided it’s stored in optimal conditions. I can’t imagine having chocolate around that long!

Tasting another one of Carla and Alberto’s presents tonight brought some serenity to yet another crazy workweek. I hadn’t eaten chocolate since they left a week and a half ago. Hiding the stuff in the closet really does work. 🙂

Made with IGP hazelnuts from Piemonte, sugar, cocoa from Ghana and Ecquador, whole powdered milk, cocoa butter, vanilla and soy lecithin, Guido Gobino’s gianduja is one of the best I’ve tasted. Just what is soy lecithin anyway? I found these helpful nuggets from Chow:

  • It works as an emulsifier in candy bars, keeping the cocoa and cocoa butter from separating.
  • But what exactly is it? Well, it’s a substance that is extracted from soybeans using a solvent such as hexane, and it’s a by-product of soybean oil.
  • According to registered dietitian and national spokesperson for the American Dietetic AssociationTara Gidus, soy lecithin is not bad for you.  “It’s high in choline, which is also found in egg yolks, and it’s shown to be good for brain development and heart disease prevention,” Gidus explains.
  • Some of the few soy lecithin studies have shown that choline might help treat dementia. 

How interesting. While I’m sure there are only trace amounts of the stuff in the ounce or two of chocolate I ate, if there is a way I can twist out a rationalization that I’m enabling brain development, all the better. LOL. At the end of a week where I lost one of my Spinning shoes and a Nalgene water bottle, and forgot to buy zucchini, the vegetable I went into the store to buy, I’ll cling to any any inkling of hope I can dream up, valid or not. Not doing so is far too depressing.


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