Posted by: lisetta | December 13, 2008


“I need a baseline level of handsomeness.” — Jennifer, after going out on a date with a smart/interesting yet ugly man. 

On days like today when I feel totally disconnected from food, this is just the kind of line that gets me laughing. Ever notice how casual conversation often reveals remarkably simple truths?



  1. Sounds rather like a superficial instead of simple truth.

  2. Au contraire, mon ami. The point is that attraction is fundamental to how we make our choices, whether we declare it or not.

    Jennifer, like you, is very attractive and super smart, so finding a partner who sees beyond her looks proves remarkably challenging.

    Thankfully, we all define ‘baseline handsomeness’ in different ways! Without a baseline attraction, does the elusive “chemistry” even stand a chance of developing?

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