Posted by: lisetta | December 14, 2008

Verdure, per piacere

Met up with Luca at Reading Terminal Market today to discover that a hot pastrami sandwich from the Jewish deli there turns my stomach. Literally. One bite in and scenes from the slaughterhouse flashed through my mind, my senses overwhelmed by the heaviness of the fatty meat. YUCK! I pushed it away, wondering how Luca, whose tastes are even more refined than my own, could eat it. I opted for a mediocre spinach pie from the Middle Eastern place instead, and marvelled at how one bite of that sandwich destroyed what had been a few moments earlier a healthy appetite.  Am I turning back to my vegetarian ways? 

The rebound meal tonight: a simple spinach lasagna. Two layers of steamed spinach and a layer of sweet onion and fennel. With a simple besciamella and a spoonful of ricotta, this dish spoke well to my needs. So did the carrot fennel salad and clementine. What a relief. 

Reading Terminal is an interesting place, but not one I frequent regularly. It

opened its doors in 1892. The new Market was approximately 78,000 square feet and held nearly 800 spaces for merchants, each positioned in six foot stalls. The Market was laid out in a grid system similar to the streets of Philadelphia. There were twelve aisles and four avenues…. Today the Market is home to more than 80 merchants, two of whom are descendants of the original standholders from a century before. 


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