Posted by: lisetta | December 23, 2008


I had no plan to go to L’Oca tonight, and no plan to eat the Monday night special (it’s Tuesday), but there I was, eating pizzocheri alla valtellina: a handmade buckwheat pasta baked with cabbage, potatoes and fontina from Val d’Aosta. How funny is that I came across the very food that I was writing about last night? Strange how the mind works, though. I thought the cheese tasted more like gorgonzola than how I had remembered it. Was even more dumbfounded at how much better it was than the Danish stuff I ate yesterday! 

This is a hearty Alpine dish, typical of northern Lombardy, in the Valtellina Valley. Nutritive for a post-Spin meal as well, but the serving size was way too big for one. Turns out I got artwork with my leftovers:


Carlo's art, translated: Let's hope that it's a little better tomorrow, or else...pazienza! The drawing is real to life.

 I hung out a bit, chatting with Carlo and watching Luca cook. A chef running a busy kitchen is poetry in motion – and in sound, though I’m not sure how poetic his Alpine drinking songs are. I found it fascinating to watch him, not only for his kitchen techniques, but also for the way he maintained focus while flitting about from one dish to another, aware of  which dish was where in its “cottura”. Total flow state. Wish I could be there too.


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