Posted by: lisetta | December 29, 2008


locaAnother meal at L’Oca, my adopted home away from home. This time I tried one of Luca’s meat dishes: pork loin wrapped in sage and house-cured pancetta, topped with apples and vinegar. 

Last week while hanging out there and chatting with the guys, I was watching Luca make this dish. He first sears the meat on all sides until it browns, then bakes it, then brings it out again for finishing. In making the ‘sughetto’ at the end, he adds finely chopped rosemary. It’s such a ridiculously simple preparation – I’m sure that I’d fail miserably if I tried it at home. LOL.  

Ann and Barry got the trofie with funghi, which they really liked. There’s always lots of enthusiasm at the table for the restaurant and the food, and rightly so. The restaurant was completely full on a Monday night. Pretty impressive change in scenery from a few weeks ago when I went with Carla and Alberto.


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