Posted by: lisetta | December 31, 2008


Ate a bowl of rigatoni for lunch today, after 90 minutes of endurance training in the Spin studio. Buonissimo!


I thought I’d make fettuccine today, but with none on hand, I was glad to find the box of De Cecco rigatoni No. 24 instead. I’ve always liked this hearty pasta shape.  Most popular in Southern and Central Italy, its origins are unknown … at least according to my few minutes of Google searching. 

While I didn’t find what I was originally looking for, Google led me to the existence of something far more curious: noodleous doubleous. According to Thomas D. Schneider, Ph.D:

Penne Rigate will spontaneously insert itself into Rigatoni (order pasta) under liquid to gas transition conditions of H2O to create the previously unobserved species Noodleous doubleous. The estimated probability of this spontaneous generation event is too low to be explained by thermodynamics and therefore apparently represents intelligent design.

Here’s his pic of the noodleous doubleous as it emerges from the froth.  

His study goes on to describe the conditions under which the noodleous doubleous is formed. Fascinating, indeed. I highly recommend it. 


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