Posted by: lisetta | February 1, 2009


I intended only to stop by the restaurant to say hello, but ended up lending a helping hand first to the sole waiter in getting the restaurant ready and then to the chef himself when 15 customers came — within a half hour or so. 

I started by plucking the bones from branzino (fish) with pliers, then running up and down the stairs for various ingredients, then skimming the foam, helping the customers, plating the acciughe (anchovy) appetizer and some salads, then grilling the vegetables for the bagna cauda. 

It was WAY more fun than my days in the macrobiotic vegan cafe’s kitchen. The only downside to my little adventure is that I did not, as planned, make gnocchi this evening.

I ate, instead, three ravioli with mushroom fontina filling, plated with matchstick zucchini, pine nuts and burro e salvia. Got some sliced fennel, cucumber, tomato carrot salad as well. Fair trade, I’d say. It was a good night. 

Came into my lobby in the last minute of the Super Bowl, just in time to watch the Steelers win their 6th. Go Steelers! I can’t imagine how crazy Pittsburgh must be right now … for once feel glad I no longer live there.



  1. Haven’t we talked lots about you starting a restaurant? Just give in already.

  2. Sounds like an opportunity to me

  3. How fun!!

  4. Indeed. Perhaps I’ll have news to share with you all in the next few months …

  5. what does that mean?????!!! b.t.w. it was the best super bowl ever!!

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