Posted by: lisetta | February 10, 2009

Gnocchi with pesto?

It wouldn’t have entered my mind, but there was the recipe right in plain sight, for: gnocchi di patate al pesto e pinoli tostati. Biba Caggiano, in Trattoria Cooking, writes that the recipe’s from Bruxiaboschi, a country trattoria in the small town of San Desiderio, not too far from Genova. 


Would have never thought to put the two together, but it works. Would have much preferred, of course, to try the dish in its natural habitat. Turns out that Trattoria Bruxaboschi is reknowned: since 1862, five generations of the same family have run the place, in the same locale. They serve traditional Ligurian specialties with a twist, especially in the desserts. Patio dining in the shade allows guests to escape the Genovese summer heat … 


Who wouldn’t want to try eating there? An intriguing idea to keep in mind ….

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