Posted by: lisetta | February 12, 2009

Pasta di San Valentino

Taught a great Spin class today with songs whose titles included the word “love”. Granted, many of the songs weren’t about the romantic love everyone talks about this time of year, but many resonated: Madonna’s I Love New York, for example, or Sara Bareilles’ Love Song. Arriving home with an endorphin high and a heart full of song got me thinking that I should also eat the “pasta of love”. 

Just what might that be?? Something with red sauce? No tomatoes on hand. I did, though, have some yellow, orange and red peppers that I had roasted a few days ago …

Pasta di San Valentino

Roast sweet peppers (can be done days in advance).

Infuse some olive oil with garlic (and then remove the cloves!).

Add the roasted peppers to the oil, heat and puree with a hand blender.

Add some salt and/or chopped black olives.

Serve the sauce over pasta of choice. I used perciatelli.


While cooking, I remembered that I had actually made this sauce on fusilli bucati corti long ago for a certain biker boy after a long day riding the road. Days after the meal, he succombed to my charms and we spent several years enjoying each other’s company. Smart man. So I guess this pasta really is, in some way, the pasta of love .. at least in my own small mind. 🙂


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