Posted by: lisetta | February 15, 2009

Rosemary gelato

I love rosemary. Any way I can get it. At the DC Don Rockwell foodie picnic a while back, I had rosemary syrup in lemon soda, and rosemary pineapple crepes. Used rosemary this week in a risotto, and have been wanting to make rosemary butter cookies for months now. When we decided to make a spontaneous trip down to Capogiro tonight, all I could do is babble on and on about how much I hoped they had the rosemary gelato. Was SO happy to see it in their display case. Yum! 

Got to wondering why rosemary so powerfully attracts me. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated rosemary with memory and a symbol of the soul’s immortality. In the Middle Ages, it was used to chase away evil spirits in exorcism practices. What this means to me, I’m not sure.  Kept looking, and found this:

La fragranza pungente e penetrante aiuta le persone malinconiche a risollevarsi dalla tristezza. Si racconta che un ramoscello, riposto sotto il cuscino, attiri sogni di mondi fantastici allontanando gli incubi.

The strong fragrance helps alleviate melancholy and sadness. They say that a small branch under the pillow will attract sweet dreams and keep away nightmares. (My loose translation.)

Interesting, indeed. It got even more so further down the same page, with

Una credenza popolare narra che, se una ragazza, alla vigilia di sant’Agnese, unisce un rametto di timo con uno di rosmarino vede in sogno il futuro sposo!

A popular belief tells that if a girl unites a branch of thyme with one of rosemary on the eve of St. Agnes (Jan 21), she’ll dream of her future husband. (More loose translations.)

Wonder if either my thyme or rosemary plants are surviving the Philly winter….and whether one could play with the conditions of the popular belief and still get the intended results.



  1. I’m not as crazy about rosemary as you are, but to me its smell is one of the best smells in the world.

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