Posted by: lisetta | February 16, 2009

Poaching in pinot grigio

I actually *do* eat more than just pasta, risotto and gelato. Honestly. 

But can I write about something that isn’t Italian? This is the silly question I carry around in my head on nights like tonight, until I find some way that I can twist the dish into something Italianized. I used “Italian flat parsley”; could I write about how much better I think it is than the curly variety? I used zucchini; but, really, how many times can I wax poetic about my favorite vegetable? I used Italian “roma” tomatoes, but they were waxy and added only color. I used my Italian Inox truffle slicer, but I’ve already written about it last year.  Wait a sec: I poached my dinner in pinot grigio! Eureka!

Pinot grigio, a light white wine perfect for cooking. And maybe drinking too, though I rarely do.  The only thing I really know about the wine is that it comes from Veneto and Fiuli, in Italy’s Northeast, and is consistently the cheapest white wine at the PA State Stores


Today’s dinner took 10 minutes. Seriously. Put a piece of salmon in a skillet. Slice a tomato and spread it on top of the salmon. Shave in some fennel and zucchini, sprinkle parsley and wine. Add a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil and  cook over medium heat. Perfetto!



  1. That looks so good! Poaching salmon is so easy, and you can do so many things with it when you’re finished.

    • I agree! I can’t remember the last time I prepared salmon any other way…

  2. Funny how zucchini is your favorite when I clearly remember making ryan eat it and him throwing up as soon as he swallowed it!

    • Perhaps you’d fed him a hunk of dead meat shortly before? LOL. Zucchini have a such a light and slightly sweet flavor; I can think of nothing about it that could induce vomiting.

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