Posted by: lisetta | February 21, 2009

More moscato

moscato1What’s not to love about moscato d’asti, especially when it comes in a bottle with a bird on it? Too bad I couldn’t snag the label, then frame and hang it in my kitchen.

We drank moscato this weekend, and I got to wondering why I enjoy this wine so much. Is it the floral bouquet? the low alcohol content? the memories of time with my Italian family? all of the above?

Made from what is said to be one of the oldest grape varieties, moscato bianco, moscato is a sweet and lightly sparking dessert wine produced in Piemonte. One of fewer than 40 DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wines, moscato d’asti is a real treat. 

Turns out the winery that produced this bottle has been around since 1939 in Treiso d’Alba, a village “at 400 m. of altitude on the first Langhe’s slopes” in the provincia di Cuneo. Here’s an excerpt from their website:

The history of this cellar is a scene of a family’s country life that, generation after generation, has been exalting the tradition of esteemed wine.

Giovanni Lodali gave life to a passion that had involved him for years. So in the respect of the “master” tradition he began to make wine and he founded the “Lodali’s” wine farm. In 1958 Giovanni and his son Lorenzo, who obtained a diploma in oenology thanks to his innate and intense interest in wine, gave life to the first Barbaresco and Barolo wines. Lorenzo Lodali continues his father’s project with fervour and it is with “Renzo” that the Lodali name has become synonim of esteemed wine. In 1982 he died and his wife Rita went ahead with the project with so much tenacity and obstinacy that Lodali’s wines entered the international trade.

They’ve also got a bed and breakfast with an invitation for visitors. Just saw round trip tickets to Italy for only $239 (taxes included); wish it were a better season to travel!


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