Posted by: lisetta | March 3, 2009


Coming home tonight without stopping first at the gym displaced me, but by the end of the whopping 20 minute commute, I had a plan: to make a brodo di carne with the veal bones I had recently bought. Started melting the burro e olio, pulled out the carrots, celery and onions then noticed that the meat had turned brown. How? Because I had bought it last FRIDAY!  How can it have already been 4 days? What a waste. I am reminded once again of the compelling reason why I rarely cook meat. Pazienza!

So what could a gal do with some melted butter and olive oil? Throw in a handful of carnaroli rice. An impulse move. While stirring, I immediately reconsidered, imagining how much better it would have been in risotto form, if I had added first shallots and rosemary, both in stock just a step away. Another thing that entered my mind moments too late. Is this what growing “old” is all about?  🙂

Recovered just as swiftly: poured in some chicken broth and cut up a small zucchine, cooking it all together until both the rice and the vegetable were somewhat tender. Seeing it reminded me of Carlo’s risotto alle zucchine and the photo fiasco that ensued, so I added a few crumbles of goat cheese, snapped a few pics and called it a meal. Consolation prizes are still wins after all.  



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