Posted by: lisetta | March 5, 2009


logo_cosiOver the years I’ve been at the university, I’ve often ended up having lunch at Così restaurant, where my favorite menu item is the simplest: the tomato basil mozzarella sandwich. In my humble opinion, it’s best without the vinaigrette, baked or cold. 

Though the name of the place is an Italian adverb whose meaning depends on the grammatical construction it falls within, ranging from “like that” to “so” to “therefore”, I got to wondering today what that has to do with food. Garden path thoughts there. None at all. Just like this blog post! LOL.

Some quick research reveals that the original Così restaurant was based on a cafe in Paris and that its name actually comes from Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte, which was a favorite of the original owner. Interesting tidbit, especially given the opera’s relevance to my own college years (and many failed attempts to master Despina’s “Una donna  a quindici anni”).  What a pleasure to now hear Cecilia Bartoli’s version on You Tube (singing starts at 4 minutes): 

Anyway, while standing in the sun at a traffic light this afternoon and watching the sparrows gather twigs for new nests, I found myself longing for happier times. Think basil plant in my garden … think long bike rides … think outdoor yoga … think skirts and sandals … think Capogiro coming to my side of town … whatever it takes to get  me to the other side of this darkness.



  1. I’ve always wondered why that restaurant named itself “like that” as well. Thanks for solving the mystery and starting my day off with the fabulous voice of Cecelia Bartoli. I didn’t realize you were a singer. Is that true?

  2. Yep! Was a music minor, sang in choirs, occasional wedding gigs and such, but always had fun pretending to be a lyric coloratura .. lip synced Kathleen Battle’s Mozart CD like no one else. LOL. I really liked this song, and the Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate, and Un Moto di Gioia …. must dig out that CD. Do you also sing?

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