Posted by: lisetta | March 7, 2009


bonarda1Met Pittsburgh friends for dinner at L’Oca tonight, and was pleased to have the opportunity to share my last bottle of wine: a Piemontese bonarda, brought by Carla and Alberto in Novemeber.

The story of bonarda is a bit convoluted in the various web sources I’ve seen, so I’m not really sure how to describe it here other than that it is a DOC red wine that’s slightly frizzante. According to the Regione Piemonte’s web site, many wines are known by the name of bonarda, but these are distinct from the bonarda piemontese, which is produced exclusively in several regions of Piemonte:

La Bonarda è coltivata esclusivamente in Piemonte, e soprattutto sulle colline del Torinese (Chierese) e dell’Astigiano ad esse adiacenti (Castelnuovo don Bosco, Albugnano, Pino, ecc.). È presente anche nel Pinerolese, in Bassa Val Susa e sporadicamente nel Canavese.

I got to wondering if/how I could explore the bonarda wines, but quickly discovered that the government agency that controls alcohol in my state sells only one Argentine bonarda. Hmmm. Moore Brothers doesn’t sell it either. Guess I’ll have to wait until my next visit to Italy?


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