Posted by: lisetta | March 8, 2009

La vocazione?

On our way out of the restaurant last night, Carlo asked if I’d consider staying and helping them handle the rush. With a full house and only a few servers, they were in for a hectic night.  Since my guests were heading back to their hotel to rest up for another day of tourist activities, I was glad to have something else to do. After all, what fun is there in heading home at 8 pm on a Saturday night? 


Claire having fun with mascarpone.


Playing at someone else’s job is really a lot of fun, especially if it totally aligns with your interests and strengths. For an extroverted Italophile foodie, what could be more engaging than talking about fabulous Italian food for several hours? I suggested my favorites (trofie with mushrooms and pappardelle with duck ragu), steered people away from the pork dish (for no good reason), and even revealed how easy it is to make one of Luca’s signature dishes (gnocchetti armenville). TMI, for sure, but can’t anyone cook great Italian food with some guidance? Even bussing the tables was fun … kind of like washing the dishes at a friend’s dinner party. 

Everyone who’s worked as waitstaff assures me that my experience was unique, but I’m  thinking I’m on to something. Don’t know yet what that ‘something’ is, but think that spending some time in an Italian restaurant might be an interesting vocation to counterbalance my academic work …


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