Posted by: lisetta | March 14, 2009

Midnight Pasta

At the end of the night, whatever leftovers the cooks want to get rid of get tossed into a pasta dish for the restaurant staff: midnight pasta.  

Last night Carlo cooked a creative version of penne with chopped lamb, some outer ‘leaves’ of brussel sprouts, potatoes, sliced basil and besciamella. It was not at all inspiring as he was cooking it, but it turned out to be one of those dishes that grows on you as you take more bites….either that or I was really hungry after my first ‘official’ night learning the ropes of restaurant service. 

Tonight the sous chef made a dish whose first bite pleased. I wasn’t watching very closely, but know that there were chopped hard boiled eggs, sliced onions, parsley or some other finely chopped green herb, a wee bit of red (tomatoes? peppers?) cheeese and egg yolks: a vegetarian carbonara of sorts. 

Midnight pasta is far more interesting to me than the pasta on the menu, mostly because it more fully represents the chef’s creative impulses … while using none of the high cost ingredients reserved for the actual pasta menu. I like seeing what comes out, but must find some strategies not to actually eat very much of it myself! Surely nothing good can come from so many calories so late at night.


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