Posted by: lisetta | March 19, 2009

Carbonara nostalgia

Sometimes your friends show up just at the right time with just the message you need to hear. This in tonight from my longtime friend Jack: a perfect blog entry for a night when I ate a salad and baba ghanoush for dinner. 

Lisa my old friend,

Tonight you were on my mind.

We were at an ‘Italian’ restaurant to set up a wine dinner and I had the Carbonara – years ago you made Carbonara at your house one evening that was wonderful – and when the PMGC was in Italy at your home town, we were served some pasta carbonara that was wonderful.  But tonight did not continue the path of wonderful pastas…

What I got was a swimmingly creamy, oniony, drippy mess with a few specs of ham.  Why must restaurants serve crap and claim it is legitimate?!?!?

So because of you – I can never have anything other than perfect pasta – anything less is completely offensive to me.

Hope you are very well – and I hope your ears weren’t burning too much tonight!


Ha ha! Great question, no? Jack was one of my favorite impromptu dinner guests for about 15 years. Wish he and his lovely wife Kate could come over this weekend! They’d bring great wine, we’d start with a sformato, move to the carbonara, skip the secondo, do a salad with strawberries and finish with a tiramisu … Must get to Pittsburgh next month no matter what. Maybe for the choir reunion? or maybe I can convince them to let me cook for them at their place?  🙂 Carbonara is quick and easy after all.   


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