Posted by: lisetta | April 12, 2009

Troppe scelte

Opted to keep the iBook closed and spend time in the face-to face world the past few days. It’s been fun, of course, but as I settle in to my Sunday evening, I realize that skipping the “daily practice” of blogging now presents me with a difficult choice. What do I write about? Danny’s blush Easter pasta? Fabrizio’s pasta pride last night? My return to the restaurant? Carlo’s easter egg or our visit to Carlino’s? Pumpkin’s pea risotto? Alta Badia cheese? Help!

How about saving them all for the workweek and treating you, instead, to this interesting project by Lorenzo Fonda e Davide Terenzi: Their Circular Life, a creative and interactive Flash-based photo/audio project that records 24-hour stretches in the life of five Italian locations. Check it out for a little escape. 

Lorenzo describes himself on his website:

I’m a  27 years old guy from Italy who thinks too much.

When I think too much I think that I don’t create enough.

When I don’t create enough, I feel empty.

When I feel empty, I feel bad.

When I feel bad I want to create something that will make me feel better. 

When I feel better with myself I feel better towards people around me. 

When I feel better with people I feel good with myself. 

When I feel good with myself I don’t create beautiful things.

When I don’t create beautiful things I start to think too much.

And when I start to think too much …

I can appreciate where he’s coming from. I’ll echo another excerpt of his description with my own:

When I’m not in front of a computer, I like to live without checking what time it is, discover new things, ride my bike, connect with friends, cook and eat good food, talk to birds and flirt with men, envision what could be, and listen to the same song over and over again (most recently Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek … for reasons not clear to my conscious mind). 


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