Posted by: lisetta | May 31, 2009


grissini Had dinner at Osteria tonight and was impressed once again at how well they execute the simple. The homemade grissini (breadsticks) were fabulous – crunchy yet not too dry, with a slight sprinkle of corn meal on their edges and just the right amount of salt. We promptly ate the three or four given to us with the homemade bread (also quite good), effused about how much we liked them and got even more excited when our server Paul brought us a whole glassful. Smart man. Wish all waitstaff were so responsive to small talk. 

Found in just about every bakery I ever visited while living near Torino, where grissini originated, these breadsticks come in all sizes, from super long and fat to pencil then. In casual restaurants all over Italy, they’re served in paper packages placed on the table as you arrive and wait for your food. 

I bet these are super easy to make, but in these moments of crunchtime at work, I’d like it much more if I could just stop by Osteria and buy a bunch. But then again, though excited to learn that Parc was selling its baguettes, I’ve actually never made the trip down to Rittenhouse to buy one.  

In any case, I think it’s really interesting that noted Philly restaurants take on the breadmaking themselves rather than rely on the established breadmakers (Metropolitan, Sarcone’s, Le Bus). Would love to see Vetri’s pastry chef open a retail panetteria — someone’s gotta bring a modern authentic Italian bakery to this red gravy town.  🙂


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