Posted by: lisetta | June 3, 2009

Perline pasta

Shopping at Trader Joe’s is fun. The store is small enough so that I don’t feel overwhelmed, and I always find something new and interesting to try. This weekend I picked up Trader Joe’s Perline Pasta, from from the refrigerated section. The little sacs of filled pasta looked interesting, and I figured that, if nothing else, I’d get a blog post out of the purchase.


Apart from the 400 calories, and the misleading photograph, the blog post is just about all I’m getting from it. Made in Canada, their pasty wheat starch filling hardly screamed prosciutto, and their pasta lacked bite. What a sad waste of parmigiano. Sigh.

Carlo reports in tonight that he ate a fabulous egg noodle pasta with scallops and asparagus at his friends’ house. Second time this week he’s one-upped me on the food front this week. I’m starting to feel jealous. LOL.



  1. I just bought the same pasta today and agree 100% with your post. The filling didn’t taste like meat at all.

  2. Wow that was not our experience tonight, perhaps cooking it three minutes gave the pasta no bite. I cooked it less and it held up to my hearty mushroom marinara and was al dente.

    I agree that the label is misleading. There is a tiny hint of prosciutto amoungst the cheeses.

    All in sll my family enjoyed them.

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